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Check out our frequently asked questions!

Which type of cover is best suited for me?
Use the static lead bearing capacity as a guide. However keep in mind that the foam insert is designed to hold these weights over the whole surface of the foam, rather than in on concentrated point. A heavy weight in a small concentrated area (such as an adults weight applied by kneeling on one knee) increases the chances of foam damage. We recommend the Contour for normal suburban life. Our Performer cover gives you a little extra security if the cover does happen to have a weight placed on it accidently. Our Endurance cover is recommended for snow or high wind areas.
What is the difference between each type of Spa Cover?
The only difference between each type of our spa covers is the foam core (inserts). The higher the load bearing capacity the more beads in the foam per cm therefore making the foam stronger. But keep in mind none of our spa covers are designed to be walked on.
Can I pick my Spa Cover order up from Australian Spa Covers?
Yes , at the time of order please select pick up, we will ring or email to advise when your order is ready for pick up.
How long will my order take to manufacture?
Your spa cover order will take approx. 15 working days from your order confirmation and payment to being ready for despatch or pick up. Delivery times will depend upon your location around Australia. Metro Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are generally 1 to 2 days. Metro Brisbane 2 to3 days and Metro Perth 4-5 days. Regional location will take longer.
Deciding what to measure.
Always measure the spa (not any spa cover). Always measure from the outer edge of the fibreglass of the spa to the outer edge straight down the centre both ways. See our measure guide on how to measure and what measurements are required depending upon your spa shape. If you have an existing Australian Spa Covers spa cover. You may find our pattern number written on the foam inserts. Undo the zip and look for a 4 digit number written in black along the foam edge. This number is all we need to make your cover to the correct measurements. Please consider all our spa covers are manufactured to fold across the longest measurement. This ensures the spa cover has maximum support. If you are discussing the fold requirement with us we will generally say they are cut across the short to strengthen the long it sound complicated but basically the longest length is cut in half by the fold. Consider the diagram below. Where the spa cover is 1500 x 2400 the fold is indicated by the arrowed line. The cut is across the shortest distance and therefor the longest distance is cut in half. If you require the fold the other way this is an additional charge and will take longer to manufacture.
How do I measure the corner radius?
Please see our measurement guide on how to measure the corner radius of your spa.
How long is the lip (skirt)?
If your spa is in a cabinet above ground our spa covers are designed with a 100 to 120mm skirt length as standard. You will only need to alter this if you have a spa built into a deck, paving ect. Additional charges are made for skirt (lip) length alterations from standard.
Will I receive new lockable clips?
Yes all our covers come standard with lockable clips, you will find the female clip attached to the male clip on the strap. Simply remove the female clip and attach to your cabinet using the instructions in our caring for your spa cover section.
How many lockable clips will my cover have?
Our covers come with a standard clip configuration. Most will have at least 4 one on each corner, some will have 6. Alterations to the clip amount is an additional charge. We are not able to position the straps and clips in exact locations.
Why is the spa cover tapered?
Each of our spa covers are tapered to be thicker in the centre and taper out at the spa edge this is to allow for the water to run off the spa cover and not pool on the top.
How do I clean my spa cover?
We recommend the use of a vinyl protectant.